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Cursos de Inglês no Estoril, Cursos de Inglês em Cascais, Aulas de inglês, English classes
Cursos de Alemão no Estoril, Cursos de Alemão em Cascais, Aulas de Alemão
Aulas de Espanhol no Estoril, Aulas de Espanhol em Cascais
Cursos de Francês no Estoril, Cursos de Francês em Cascais, Aulas de Francês
Cursos de Italiano no Estoril, Cursos de Italiano em Cascais
Cursos de Português para estrangeiros no Estoril, Cursos de Português para Estrangeiros em Cascais, Aulas de Português para estrangeiros
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All ALTE levels from A1 to C2

Working exclusively online

Due to  the pandemic all our classes are now online.  

Our Courses 


Ideal for those at all levels from absolute begginers up to advanced students, groups of either adults or young learners.


2 or 3 hours per week, according to age and level.


Preparation for the international language exams.



At the institut or

student´s home

60 minutes classes.


Ideal for those who want a more personalised approach, focusing specificaly on the students needs.


After an initial consultation, classes will follow either a specific level and programme or focus on specific areas (speaking, writting, listening, etc)


During the academic year and/or in July & September.


Ideal for those who need to learn or improve a language!

40 hours (2 hours daily): Morning, afternoon or evening.


Classes intended for companies that want to invest on their employees language skills.


Send us an information request


 Rua Brito Camacho, Lote 155 R/C Dto.

 2765-457 São João do Estoril


 Mobile: (+351) 96 0043478

​Office hours:
Monday to Friday - Morning: 9:30 a.m. - 12 a.m.
                                  Afternoon: 3 p.m​. - 8 p.m.
Due to the pandemic we are all working online. Please contact us by email or mobile.

Inscriptions are open throughout the academic year.

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